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Samal Island tourism service development while maintaining the natural landscape, is a destination for those who love white sand, blue sea and tropical sun.

There are many luxury resorts catering needs rest on this island of 300 km2, but the strict requirements of the Philippine Ecotourism has helped the construction does not break away natural landscape knife. Travellers favorite Thrilling activities can participate in hiking or biking tour through the forest, there are things you need to consider so many steep ramp. Especially as Samal Island has the world's largest bat cave with about 1.8 million children.
Underwater world around Samal island really appeals to those who prefer snorkelling. With the tourists have never experienced scuba diving, you should choose snorkeling tours are offered so many on the island. But tourists also have to be careful when selecting this tour, because it can be raised to a very high price, it is best to consult and compare prices before. Some sea sports favorite Samal Island is kayaking and whether luon.Mot of the main attractions in Samal is the beauty of the environment and animal life in the sea. Hundreds of small colorful fish and sea turtles, dolphins and sharks under the clear waters create a vivid marine life. Islands along the reef, underground caves and mountains cliff together form a natural ecosystem attractive.
The best time to Samal Island is from November to May, especially this time is suitable for diving activities. In the Philippines there are many beautiful islands that tourists can visit, however, Samal Island is one of the most pristine islands, and almost a little affected by the downside of tourism industry. If you need a natural beach with beautiful tropical paradise island of Samal is purely a perfect choice. Samal Island is ranked in the top 500 most beautiful island gioi.Khong only that, Samal Island there are many attractive festivals such as the anniversary of the establishment Kabasan city 28/5, Regatta boat race festival in March, white nights festival anniversary 18/6 Kaputian district, harvest festivals Pangapog bridge ...
In order to Samal Island, you can take domestic flights to the city of Davao, and then use high-speed train service, boat or bus (transit ferry) to come to this beautiful island. However, if the use of high-speed trains, then you can choose another destination outside the island's pier.