Tour Quang Nam

Besides the tourism program has as visit the Old Town, villages, historic cultural ... Sea Island, Hoi An has just celebrated the opening tour "About Hoi An cycling".

This is a new tourism product towards ecological, enabling guests the opportunity to discover, experience, learn the values ​​characteristic village of Hoi An River.
Hoi An city government carefully introduce new tour with an opening ceremony compact, cheerful with a large number of residents and visitors to attend.
Tours depart from Tra Que vegetable village - Cam Ha formed more than 200 years ago. Here, visitors are guided to visit the village and the main vegetable farmers in the village to introduce the history of the development of the village.
Then, visit the grave to visit Japan Tani Yajirobei merchants. The tomb has been the locals care for several hundred years.
Leaving the tomb, bicycle groups proceed to the village of An American, ward Jinzhou. Spread out before visitors is the charming countryside landscape. Visit a local house with traditional kitchen coated wheaten, see how visitors are coated wheaten and enjoying food is still hot this. Landlords also entertain with tea cup sweet beans, aromatic flavor.
On that journey, guests also crept through the palm-lined village streets, watching the river Cam Thanh, or visit the souvenir photograph at Cua Dai bridge just put into use. One other point is his stopover Ten Street - where the bike made, the materials activities, products made of bamboo handicrafts and electric vehicle wrap golden bamboo.
Many tourists rather enjoy the journey on the river boat tour fragile Creel Bay Mau coconut forest, listening to singing drilling repartee, see scattered fishing and people's living water.
End point is ecotourism destinations Tuan Lien, on the waiting lounge in the cool water. Guests get to experience some traditional games, learn to tighten coconut leaves made into birds, crayfish, grasshoppers or roses ... before lunch with fruits and vegetables, seafood rustic countryside Cam St.
Finally, visitors are cars brought the city center; ending the tour by enjoying scenery is Hoi An in a new perspective, a peaceful, rustic and full of fun.