Tour Taiwan

Tourism Taiwan - Guests can not fail to come to Japan Moon Dam. With stunning scenery and will portray charming river in addition to classical Chinese architecture looming inside campus helped Sun Moon Lake became an ideal place to visit Footbinding visiting thick.

Day 1: City. Ho Chi Minh City - Taipei - Old Town Cross Section (Eat two meals)
Guests gathered at the station to go international - Tan Son Nhat airport to exit procedures to Taipei - the capital of Taiwan. To Taipei, guides welcome you to breakfast. Then, visit the ancient city of Cross Section - with ancient architectural Taiwan, you will be free to drop lights posted good luck and peace (expenses excluded).
Lunch. Visit Trung Chanh monument - which commemorates the late President Chiang Kai-shek - the general importance in the history of the island of Taiwan. Visit outside the presidential palace.
Later, the delegation to visit the market freedom Ximen Ding and enjoy dinner with many delicacies excluded localities.
Overnight in Taipei.
Day 2: Cruise Nhat Nguyet Dam (Eat three meals)
Breakfast. Visit local specialty stores. You depart for South Head.
Lunch. You walk sightseeing boat Nhat Nguyet Dam, the country's largest freshwater lake in Taiwan with thin mist like grains of sand waterfall, waterfall flowing constantly create fantasy landscapes should also be called "Sa Tien Shui". Van Vo Mieu visit sacred places of worship Guan Gong and Confucius. Continue to visit the tea shop.
Dinner. free shopping at the night market Phoenix Armor.
Overnight in Taichung.
Day 3: Taipei - Park Duong Minh Son (Eat two meals)
Breakfast. You visit the scenic Yuanshan area. Here, you will get a panoramic view of Taipei city from above. Continue to visit the spleen stores retired - lucky items.
Lunch. Union shop at the traditional cake shop. visit the Taipei 101 Tower - 101 stories tall building Taiwan's most famous (self expense up 89 floors of the tower). You free shopping in this busy commercial area with a wealth of luxury goods from around the world. Visit the park Duong Minh Son, 1 in 8 major national parks of Taiwan, with unique volcanic terrain, interspersed peaceful valleys and fauna and rich flora and fauna. On arrival at the park gate, you will be immediately impressed with the timepiece is planted with flowers with a diameter of 22 feet. Most unique point of this flower clock is designed to flow water around in a circle and music are played every hour. In addition, Duong Minh Son also paradise for hundreds of other flowers like peach, Begonia, forms, sunflower, camellia ... and 168 species of butterflies and many rare animals .. You shop at duty-free shop.
Then, free to visit Shilin night market and self-sufficiency to enjoy dinner with local delicacies.
Overnight in Taoyuan.
Day 4: Taipei - Ho. Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast)
Breakfast. Bus transfer to airport for flight to HCMC. Ho Chi Minh. End program. Guides goodbye and see you.