Tour Phu Yen

Also joining the tour Diep Son - Phu Yen 3 days and 3 nights to have the opportunity to explore unspoiled Diep Son Island and lands "I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass" gorgeous. Order now to unleash your tour experience with the most economical cost!

Evening Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City - Binh Thuan - Khanh Hoa
19h00: Car and guide pick you up at the meeting point of departure to Khanh Hoa. You stay in the car.
Day 1: Island Diep Son - Nhan Tower - Phu Yen
Morning: Ninh Hoa to stop personal hygiene and eating breakfast. Next you move the program to the Van Gia port, on board to travel to Diep Son Island - an archipelago stranger to many people, it still kept pristine beauty, the blue of the sea, the people is very gentle and hospitable.
When the tide down the sandy road runs straight off the sea appears. You simply rolled up his pants, along trails linking the islands in the sea between the island and the resort of Diep Son big tour. Feel the twisty roads, measuring about 1 meter below the surface and deep blue sea ... less than half a meter to a pleasurable feeling strange ... nervous, a little scared ... but the water rose very worthy letter.
Noon: Have lunch at the beach BBQ (menus refer grilled shrimp / squid / grilled fish / seafood hot pot + noodle / fried rice / fruit dessert ice tea).
PM: You go back to the mainland, mountain pass to reach land Both "I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass" - Tp. Tourism Tuy Hoa. Vung Ro Bay Sightseeing delegation, listening guides narrate the cruise ships and events not Vung Ro Bay, relics of Ho Chi Minh trail in the sea, learn about how the union lobster and peaceful life of fishermen people seas.
To City. Tuy Hoa, Nhan you visit the tower - one of the oldest buildings of the Cham, where many legends associated with the formation and development of Phu Yen land.
Delegation of the hotel and rest.
Dinner: You go to a restaurant for dinner, the rest free.
Day 2: Da Dia Reef - Cathedral Mausoleum Network
Morning: breakfast buffet, start exploring the life and culture northern Phu Yen
Loan Lagoon - Tam Giang dam ecosystem rich sea vegetation, attached to history's - lands Tuy Hoa (stop taking pictures above).
Da Dia Reef: You admire one of the 6 types of unique geology in the world remains at Da Dia Reef
Cathedral Mausoleum network: where to store the release of the first in the national language in the world, told the story of St. Andre Phu Yen, learn architectural Roman style church.
Noon: Have lunch at the restaurant.
PM: You are free to explore the culture and cuisine of the land of Phu Yen as: eye tuna, put in the most beef, fish noodle ... ..or cuisine buffet "1 1 usd items" in hotels instead of the dinner. (Self dinner).
Day 3: Farewell Phu Yen
Morning: Buffet breakfast, check-out procedures.
Depart back to HCMC. On the way you stop shopping local specialties as gifts for relatives.
Noon: Have lunch at Ca Na, continue on the first pick. Guides goodbye and see you again in the tour group later.