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Sightseeing tours Nam Du Island 2 days 2 nights
  • Hotel:
  • Departure:
  • Transport: Car
  • Schedule: Nguyen Trung Truc Temple - Hon Tre Island - Hon Son Otter - Hon Ngang - Chướng beach - Black Rock beach - Hon Hai Bo Dam - Hon Cu Tron - Tree Lovers park - steep Mr. Love

Nam Du tour 2 days and 2 nights to bring tourists to visit one of the most beautiful islands in Kien Giang Province, the summer heat in the cool waters, enjoy specialties and experience many interesting things.

Evening Day 1: HCMC - Nam Du
AM: Car and guide pick you up at the meeting point of departure to Rach Gia .Quy freedom to rest on the car.
Day 1: Discover Nam Du archipelago
06h00: Visit to Rach Gia personal hygiene, breakfast at the restaurant with dishes such as beef noodle, bread sunny, broken rice, fish noodles ... coffee, tea, sugar, Lipton, lime stone, pennywort .
07h00: Depart to visit Nguyen Trung Truc temple is the temple of his earliest and largest of his temple 9 in Rach Gia.
07h30: Visit the pier in Rach Gia, and procedures to high-speed trains depart to Nam Du archipelago (08h05'- trip to Nam Du Island at 10h50 '). The delegation will pass by the Hon Tre Island, Hon Son Otter. These are still relatively unspoiled islands, creating the impression of visitors.
10h50: Visit to the Hon Cu Tron, one of the largest islands Nam Du archipelago. Dubbed the Southern Bay, carrying the wild beauty of Nam Du and separate.
11h00: Group received motels, rest and relaxation.
11.30: Group lunch with fresh seafood dishes by the Cook Islanders. After lunch break and group freedom to explore Nam Du archipelago.
1330: Group prepares beachwear, up tourist boats are equipped with life jackets, seats, sound ...
Depart to the Hon blood. On the way, will go through the Hon Ngang - this is the central island group of the population is quite large centralized administrative center of the island, the people are mostly employed sea, stop to visit the cages crab, cobia, shark ... more famous South Du crab is still relatively cheap, aromatic meat and will certainly be a shortcoming for it if they do not enjoy this delicacy.
Sightseeing tours Nam Du Island 2 Day 2 dem15h00: Delegation visit than the color, is the most beautiful beach of Nam Du archipelago. Hon samples with 5 beaches, including
In the beach where, ideally, Black Rock beach has many beautiful rocks, colorful, stones with different shapes pattern, when tourists come here to immerse yourself in the blue sea or lying on the pristine sandy beaches and romantic.
Continue route to the island group Two Coast Dam, with unspoiled landscape, where all intertwined as to make up a beautiful picture painted marine.
Group by swimming, snorkeling, catching pinch, shellfish, if lucky you may catch the abalone is washed in the cave ...
18h30: Group BBQ grill to enjoy the essence here.
If delegations wishing to participate in the program and squid night fishing (expenses excluded).
Evening: the island of Cu Tron, rest and free to explore this place.
Day 2: Nam Du - Rach Price- HCMC
Morning: wake up early watching the sunrise on the harbor, in addition you can enjoy yourself in the busiest trading scene in the harbor with fresh seafood caught just very cheaply.
06h30: Delegation breakfast, continue to explore the sights on conquering the big island by motorcycle.
07h00: Visit yards Tree Lovers - As most beautiful beaches in the Nam Du archipelago, with coconut trees, white sand and crystal clear water and few waves. You are free to explore and take pictures of the islands stunning scenery, rest, relax in the small shop will give visitors different experiences with pure tourism.
08h00: Depart to visit and swimming at beaches or Gieng Tien Dat. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of South Island Travel, northeast wind season where little waves the blue sea and white sandy beaches are very clean without much intervention of human hands, will be a cover wonderful experience for each visitor to the town. Something special you can also enjoy fresh coconut Nam Du - very fresh and cool water.
10h00: Guest of vacation home. You steep departure to visit Mr. Love (or people here often called the valley of love).
You will not be that shocked by the beauty of this place fascinating. Viewed from this position you can panorama Beach and fanciful romantic royal, Legend that right here when the old King Gia Long ran Siamese invaders came to "dwell" This park, this park should thus be people here called the royal park.
11:00 Check-delegation procedures and lunch at Nam Du pier.
12h00: Delegation gathered at the pier, and procedures to speed boat and departure of Rach Gia (14h50 12h15'- trip ').
15:00: Back to Rach Gia, the delegation focused on the car and depart on TP. HCM. On the way, stop to visit, specialty shopping nem Lai Vung, gifts western ... Group by dinner (cost excluded).
22h00: Arrive HCMC, end programs Nam Du sightseeing tour, guides farewell and see you again!