Tour Can Tho

Tour Chau Doc - Ha Tien - Can Tho is a great choice for travelers on the idyllic garden, some fruit and rail spike enjoy attractive western specialties. Book a tour today!

Day 01: Tien Giang - Ben Tre - Chau Doc
AM: Car and guide will pick you up at the meeting point of departure to Tien Giang. Car along the East - West Highway 1A to the downstream of Mekong Delta region to find the western lands.
Coming to Tien Giang You stop breakfast.
Next program take your car into the city center Tho begin first sightseeing.
Vinh Trang Pagoda, one of the oldest temple and the largest western with majestic statues and architectural building style mixed with Asia, Europe created a temple to bring value great sculpture. You burn incense and pray religion happily home, happiness and fortune early picking.
+ Thoi Son islet situated beside the river gentle Cash. Guests coming to the island's rustic bold people river region, and hear traditional music, salute down tricuspid, ride horses around the village, ...
Lunch at the restaurant on the island with many local food specialties.
Afternoon: Parting with people of Cu Lao, you back to the mainland to continue the journey to Chau Doc. You check in hotel and rest.
Evening: Bus transfer to Sam Mountain stone wharf restaurant dinner started visiting Chau Doc night.
+ Visit the Ba Chua Xu Temple, from very ancient times is not only local people but also tourists cross the threshold are very calculated and believe in who she is considered to bring luck and blessings for many. You last visited, burning incense and praying the early buds.
+ Temple Xi'an is located at the foot of Sam Mountain, the story of a girl with gorgeous beauty with beautiful western theme will be the answer for you when they come to the question of Western lands asked "why Western girls beautiful?"
+ Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb one of the great people of the land of An Giang and Vinh Te canal excavations irrigation.
Day 02: Mount Sam - Ha Tien
Morning: Have breakfast at the restaurant. Depart to the place was named the Western Dalat.
+ Nui Cam which was dubbed the roof of the Southwest region, you will enjoy the fresh air, lush greenery and vast mountain scenery, the same message. You will have the chance to test the strength of your legs, enjoy the thrill while slowly stroll and soak up the beauty of vibration such as Thanh Long streams, dynamic Thuy Liem Vo Bo Hong caves, mountains stone Construction, Big Buddha temple and the most prominent is 32m high statue of Buddha Maitreya.
Depart Ha Tien first sightseeing of Kien Giang.
+ Thon Van: You can see very clearly the borderline Vietnam - Cam Thach Sanh listen to storytelling - Ly Thong.
Noon: Lunch at the restaurant and back to the hotel to rest.
You sightseeing Ha Tien.
+ Phu Dung Pagoda heard about the emotional Furong.
+ Lang Nine persons wearing the great with people and Ha Tien.
Evening: Have dinner at a restaurant, hotel or tour sightseeing break to Suzhou.
Day 03: Ha Tien - Can Tho
Morning: Have breakfast. Visit Ha Tien Cross Landscape landscape.
Hang Pagoda, one of the most famous temples in Ha Tien. You clearly see the scene from the mouth of Hon Phu Tu cave.
+ Ha Tien sea bathing with cool blue water and have to bowl more scenic beauty of Ha Tien.
Union back to the hotel check-out procedures. To the restaurant for lunch. Departure to Can Tho
Afternoon: Go where you check in and rest.
Evening: dinner on the yacht Tho restaurants and hear traditional music, watching the Can Tho Bridge.
Day 04: Can Tho - Ho Chi Minh City
+ Cai Rang floating market with sweet verse:

'' Market has emerged from the early morning hours
Between meals we still submerged from sunset
I hung pinching the guitarist Cai Rang Ba Lang
I loved the lake Vam Xang Tho ''

Morning: breakfast, start exploring the life and culture of people of Can Tho.
Right from the very early people from everywhere have flocked to focus at the market to trade in another commodity exchange is: mango, longan, mangosteen, durian, ... on the boat unstable. People hurried and premature desire to keep up with the goods sold when dawn on them to return to work in the fields with her daily. Floating Market represents Western culture water.
+ Fruit Garden - My Khanh tourism village with paths, trees create a silky feeling very comfortable and enjoy seeing laden orchards. Guests can enjoy special dishes of the West, such as pancakes, grilled fish tactic, white lilies ... fish warehouse in My Khanh tourist area.
Noon: Have lunch at a restaurant in the tourist area.
Depart back to Ho Chi Minh City, on the way you stop shopping local specialties as gifts for relatives. Afternoon: Arrive HCMC, farewell tour guide and see you.